Desktop Publishing

Whether you’re producing a newsletter, a catalog, program booklets, a page design layout, development of presentations, we have what you need.

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) staff are equipped to successfully integrate the use of word-processing and page-layout programs to drive quality printers to produce high quality documents. Our staff comes through where most DTP programs fall short and we continue to advise our customer/client on the finer points of aesthetics and good design. In fact, we base producing great documents on multiple things, including text and graphic positioning. This, of course, will have influence on whether or not your viewers will read your document.

Good typography is not something you work on making, it is the way of life for a designer or publisher. Our staff knows how to show that correctly designed and typeset text that will be easily read and understood. And while some more expensive printers produce a resolution of 600 lines per inch (lpi), most printers only have a 300 lpi output. At VAST-e, we ensure our clients that their outputs will have a higher LPI to produce the clean and sharp design that is desired.

So if you’re wondering whether or not you’re losing it as a manager by letting unskilled staff produce your most vital documents. You may be right. So contact VAST-e for all of your desktop publishing skills.

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